Welcome to Czech Republic
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Welcome to Czech Republic

The 2010 FIBA World Championship for Women will take place in Czech Republic from September 23rd to October 3rd, 2010.
The championship will be held in three different cities – Ostrava, Brno and Karlovy Vary.


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The Czech Republic provides an excellent example of European diversity: in one small area, a number of completely diverse regions come together, all easily within reach of one another. There are thermal springs in the west of the country, mountains and remarkable "rock towns" in the north, a wistful landscape of fishponds in the south, and sunny vineyards in the southeast. Add to this the historic towns, unique castles and chateaux, spas with centuries of tradition, thousands of kilometres of excellently marked trails for hikers and cyclists, and great opportunities for business meetings, and it is immediately clear that a visit of just a few days is definitely not enough...

The capital Prague is without question the most attractive tourist destination in the Czech Republic. The city of a hundred spires on the River Vltava is known to people from practically the whole world and is regularly voted among the ten most beautiful cities in Europe. Those who want to get to know the Czech Republic more thoroughly, however, set out on a journey through the other beauties of the country, where an expedition into history, a ramble through nature, a challenge on the golf course or relaxation in a spa awaits. Quite simply, experiences that won't be forgotten...


The St. John’s of Nepomuk Pilgrimage Church at Zelena Hora in Zdar nad Sazavou

A wealth of history

The former inhabitants of the Czech lands did not skimp on presentable living. They have bequeathed to their contemporaries 2,000 castles and chateaux. A tenth of these are open to the general public. Medieval castles with drawbridges and graceful aristocratic residences are some of the biggest cultural attractions of the Czech Republic. You will also have the sensation that time has stood still in the historic towns. This is particularly so if you arrive during the time of the popular town festivals, which commemorate significant events or historical figures.
Our tip: Karlštejn Castle, Sychrov chateau, Ceský Krumlov

The Czechs are supposedly the most atheistic nation in Europe, but an admirable number of ecclesiastical monuments certainly suggests otherwise. The Byzantine missionaries Cyril and Methodius came to Moravia at the end of the 9th century in order to spread Christianity and establish the first churches. Jewish culture has the same long history as Christianity in our country. More than 200 Jewish cemeteries, the synagogues and the Jewish quarters bear witness to their 1000-year presence.
Our tip: the Jewish quarter in Trebíc, the Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Ždár nad Sázavou, the basilica at Velehrad

How coal was mined, how to produce electricity, how to brew beer... the technical monuments represent an encyclopaedia of information for inquisitive visitors. The Czech Republic was, and still is, among the industrially developed nations, and thus those interested in industrial tourism will discover here monuments from all spheres of human activity.
Our tip: the Pilsen brewery, the Ješted TV transmitter in Liberec, Mining Museum Príbram

St.Barbora’s Church in Kutna Hora

Spas that heal
A unique abundance of natural healing springs, the centuries-old tradition of their use under expert supervision, qualified personnel, nearly 40 spa sites with beautiful architecture of colonnades and parks - the combination of these factors places the Czech Republic among the world's spa powers.
The success of Czech spas is connected above all with the quality of medical care and the progressive treatment and rehabilitation methods using natural elements: mineral waters, medical peloids (fen, peat, mud), natural gases and the positive influence of climate.

The time when only convalescents and seniors came to the spas is long gone. Today, the range of spa programmes also includes popular wellness programmes. These are really made to measure and you can try, for example, programmes for managers, anti-stress, weight reduction, detoxification, or wellness and beauty. Czech spas promote so-called medical wellness - an harmonic combination of the use of natural healing springs and qualified medical care along with a wide range of wellness procedures and other activities (golf, Nordic walking and others).
You will find the best-known Czech spas in the so-called spa triangle, which connects the Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Mariánské Lázne and Františkovy Lázne spas. But don't forget that there are another 30 spa sites functioning around the entire country!
Our tip: our spa catalogue at www.czechtourism.com, section Lázne

Karlovy Vary at night

Active holiday

Long walks in nature connected with a visit to a mysterious ruin or a garden restaurant - organised tourism has a tradition of over 100 years in the Czech Republic, and people have been walking on the perfectly marked trails already for several generations. The youngest generation likes to get on a bike and leave tens of kilometres of varied terrain behind them. International cycle routes lead them to Vienna and to Paris.
Our tip: Moravian wine trails, Cyclists Welcome - Czech Certification Scheme

In the summer, mountain centres serve as starting points for hikes, and in the winter they offer a base for skiers. Visitors don't have to be concerned about the moods of the weather - artificial snow is provided as a matter of course, along with better accommodation facilities, infrastructure and opportunities for entertainment. The concept of "all in one place" is accomplished with ski schools, services as well as rentals. And the favourite ski centres? Krkonoše (the Giant Mountains), the Jizera Mountains, Šumava and Jeseníky.
Our tip: Winter centres at www.holidayinfo.cz

Czech Republic - the Golf Republic, this self-confident promotional slogan definitely does not exaggerate. More than 100 clubs, over 80 courses, a season from the end of March to mid-November, year-round indoor golf, quality service and attractive fees... these are all reasons why the Czech Republic is gaining a more and more prominent place on the world golfing map.
Our tip: Our golf catalogue at www.czechtourism.com


Experiences that will last
Do you remember how you courageously ordered a meal you had never heard of before? How at a film festival you saw stars of the silver screen with your own eyes? Be constantly prepared; extraordinary experiences can result even from the most ordinary of situations...

Svícková (sirloin) in cream; pork, dumplings and cabbage; fruit dumplings... Seemingly plain ingredients can give rise to imaginative meals, against which your Czech hosts will hear not a word. If you want to make them happy, don't forget to mention that Czech beer is the best in the world. Wine lovers will not be disappointed with Moravian white wine, which keeps doing better and better in international competitions.
Our tip: the Czech Association of Small Independent Breweries, wine

Not even in today's fast moving times have our traditions, handed down from generation to generation, been forgotten. In Moravia especially, thousands of folklore events are arranged each year. These events demonstrate that folklore still lives on, and not just in open-air and indoor museums, but above all in people!
Our tip: Strážnice open-air museums, Rožnov pod Radhoštem

Open-air festivals belong to summer, jazz to autumn, and advent concerts to the pre-Christmas period. Have no fear; your cultural impulses will be inspired throughout the year. And what else is missing from our list? Perhaps the Jewish cultural festivals, historical celebrations or wine and beer festivals. There will always be enough opportunities to learn something and still enjoy yourself.
Our tip: The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Znojmo grape harvest

Singing birds instead of a jangling alarm clock, freshly baked bread with homemade honey, fruit that you picked yourself, a ride on a horse... you can fulfil your dream about life in the countryside even while preserving the level of comfort to which you are accustomed. Whether you see yourself in a peasant cottage or at a campsite in the forest, this holiday in the Czech countryside will be worth it...
Our tip: www.prazdninynavenkove.cz

Congress and incentive tourism

The Czech Republic has all the qualifications to become an attractive destination for organising congresses and incentive programmes. In Prague, as well as other Czech cities, you will find a quiet and safe destination, excellent accessibility thanks to 5 international airports and international rail connections, and many luxury hotels and conference centres that meet international standards as regards quality and capacity. Facilities with capacities of more than 5,000 individuals also feature on the list of locations suitable for holding congresses.

One of the indisputable advantages of holding a congress in the Czech Republic is the value of the services provided as compared to the price. The price of your event will be at a reasonable level, even while maintaining highly professional services. This applies doubly if you decide to organise your meeting outside of the capital city - the prices in the regions are lower by several tens of percent, though the level of services offered is no different.

In the Czech Republic, you can choose an incentive programme according to your fantasy: you can experience costumed gala events in castles and chateaux, an industrial show in one of several old factory halls, a Celtic feast in the meadows, or spend an evening as secret agent James Bond. Only one thing is needed - to express your wish.
Our tip: Our incentive catalogue at www.czechtourism.com, section congress tourism

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